Cobram Estate USA

2018 California First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$ 75

An opportunity to order our first extra virgin olive oil of the 2018 season.

Limited Release

From the first California olives, comes a gloriously fresh extra virgin olive oil.
Cobram Estate First Harvest is our very first extra virgin olive oil from the 2018 Northern Hemisphere Harvest. This limited release will be the first time we have ever bottled a first harvest from our own groves in California. Hand selected olives from our favorite varieties – Mission, Picual, Picudo and Coratina – will be picked in September and then cold pressed using our exclusive ‘Ultra Premium’ method to create a uniquely Californian oil. 

Our Mission oil is a varietal exclusive to California and was recently named the "World's Healthiest Extra Virgin Olive Oil" at the 2018 Health and Food Olive Oil Awards competition in Malaga, Costa Del Sol, Spain. 

"Displaying intense and complex flavors and aromas, this vibrant green oil is rich in goodness and is made to be used generously on all your favourite foods. Enjoy!"

Leandro Ravetti – Chief Oil Maker  

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