Fresh California Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Picked and pressed in less than six hours, embrace Cobram Estate's uncompromising taste and quality of California's most exceptional cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Our Groves to Your Table

Taste and Quality

Uncompromising Taste & Quality in Every Drop

Our team of expert olive growers & skilled olive oil makers bring decades of experience to every aspect of production. Understanding the complexities of olive cultivation, harvesting, pressing and bottling, they leverage their expertise to consistently deliver a product which out stands above the rest.

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100% California Grown

With over 25 years of experience in olive grove cultivation and olive oil milling, Cobram Estate’s journey to California has broadened our commitment to our long-standing legacy of producing one of the world’s finest ingredients.

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Committed to the Future of Sustainable Farming

As producers and stewards of the land we take pride in bringing responsibly grown ingredients to the market. Being sustainable is not just about meeting consumer expectations or complying with regulations; but a proactive approach in shaping a better future.

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From Tree To Table

We adhere to a meticulous process, cold-pressing our olives within a mere six hours of harvesting to capture the freshest antioxidants and essential nutrients. The result? Every bottle of Cobram Estate is a treasure trove of health benefits, packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, powerful antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Our Products

Cobram Estate California Select
California Select
Clean with medium levels of bitterness, our premium line elevates every dish!
Australia Select
Sharp notes of green olives, equally bitter and peppery.
Full of fresh, green flavor, pairs great with robust roasts or desserts.
Cobram Estate Enhanced
Artisan Collection
Discover new tastes enhanced with exciting notes of our favorite flavors.
Cobram Estate First Harvest
First Harvest
Ultra-premium, vibrant green, exquisite tasting extra virgin olive oil.
Our Story
Our Story

Our Groves


Esparto South Ranch was planted in 2021 and is our second oldest grove. With over 250 acres, this ranch is sits in the middle of the beautiful Capay Valley Hills. Although small, it continues to amaze us every year producing some of the most beautiful olives.

Hungry Hollow

Hollow Ranch was established in 2019 and is our second largest grove in operation. Spanning just about 350 acres this property is home to many of the unique varietals we grow including Picual, Coratina, Koronekiki, Picudo and Arbequina.

Dunnigan Hills

Established in 2023, Dunnigan Hills is our newest ranch. With over 800 acres of new saplings, in 3 years this grove will transition out of infancy and produce enough fruit begin harvesting. It is in this location we are excited to be implementing medium density trees with lots of new varietals unique to California.

Debo Ranch

Debo Ranch is known as Cobram Estate’s flagship ranch. Established in 2015, this sprawling 120-acre property is the heart of our operation. With over 25,000 trees including Picual, Coratina, Koronekiki, Picudo and Arbequina, Debo is one of our most prized properties. The diversity of these trees planted here remains a testament of our commitment to flavor and quality, ensuring every olive sourced from Debo Ranch will become distinct, award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

Cobram Estate HQ

Cobram Estate HQ is located in the historic town of Woodland, California. Nestled the heart of the Sacramento Valley, our facility is home to our processing mill, olive oil storage facility, bottling facility, and warehouse. It is our unique location which allows us to harvest and process our extra virgin olive oil in less than 6 hours.

Our Process

The Nursery

Located in Sonoma Valley our nursery nurtures the trees from birth and selects only the strongest trees for planting.

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The Groves

Following our Olive.IQ standards, we grow our trees and cultivate our groves to give them the best opportunity for a happy and healthy life

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The Harvest

Once our fruitful trees reach maturity, we harvest at ideal ripeness and transport them to our mill within 4-6 hours to ensure maximum quality and freshest taste

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The Milling

Fresh picked olives arrive at the mill to be immediately cold pressed, allowing us to extract premium quality extra virgin olive oil. This precious oil is then quickly transferred into our nitrogen capped tanks to maintain ultimate freshness until bottling.

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At Cobram we test diligently during production to evaluate Free Fatty Acid (FFA) content, oil moisture content and overall quality allowing us to accurately predict the lifespan of our oil. Using this rigorous testing we are able to determine a true “best by” date for every drop of our oil.

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Once the oil is ready for its journey to your local retailer, it travels from our state of the art tanks directly to our in-house bottling line without being exposed to damaging elements.

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