Elevating the Extra virgin Olive Oil Experience.

Taste & Quality

In every drop

Our team of experts, from seasoned olive growers to skilled olive oil makers, brings decades of experience to every aspect of production. They understand the complexities of olive cultivation, harvesting, pressing, and bottling, and leverage their expertise to consistently deliver a product that stands above the rest.

From the moment olives are harvested until they are sealed in the bottle, Cobram Estate exercises meticulous oversight of every detail. Bottling within 4-6 hours, supports our Our Tree To Table approach allowing us to preserve the freshness and flavor of the olives, ensuring each drop of extra virgin olive oil embodies the taste of the California sun and soil.

Cobram Estate employs a rigorous in-house lab testing process to evaluate every batch of olive oil. This scientific approach involves assessing various parameters such as acidity levels and sensory attributes to guarantee that each bottle meets uncompromising standards.

With over 300 international awards for both quality and taste, including accolades from renowned olive oil competitions, our success is a testament to the dedication of our team and the extraordinary quality of the oil. These prestigious awards validate Cobram Estate as leader in the industry.

When you choose Cobram Estate, you’re not just choosing olive oil; you’re choosing a superior culinary experience.

“Remarkable extra virgin olive oil is born from a meticulous attention to detail; it imparts not just flavor, but a story of craftsmanship”

Frequently Asked Questions about EVOO

What is extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and how is it different from other types of olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a high-quality, unrefined type of olive oil  renowned for exceptional flavor, aroma, and health benefits. It is made from fresh, ripe olives pressed without the use of heat or chemicals.

What are the health benefits associated with consuming extra virgin olive oil?

First and foremost, EVOO is renowned for its positive impact on heart health, studies show  it can lower LDL cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure. Its anti-inflammatory properties help combat chronic inflammation, reducing the risk of various diseases, including cancer. Research also shows EVOO may also support brain health, potentially lowering the risk of cognitive decline.

How should EVOO be stored to maintain its freshness and quality?

To maintain the freshness and quality store it in a cool, dark place, shielded from direct sunlight and heat. Look for dark or opaque bottles, tightly seal containers, and avoid temperature fluctuations. When purchasing don’t forget to check for a harvest date, and steer clear of strong odors or anything tasting musty or bitter. It’s recommended to use Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil within 12 months after opening to guarantee quality, flavor and health benefits.

Our Products

Cobram Estate California Select
Australian Select
A premium California extra virgin olive oil.
Essential Robust
A full bodied, aromatic oil perfect for hearty dishes.
Essential Classic
A multi-purpose fruity oil & all-rounder in the kitchen.
Essential Mild
A true star to use in more subtle flavored dishes.