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Frequently Asked Questions about EVOO

What makes California extra virgin olive oil unique compared to olive oils from other regions?

California extra virgin olive oil is unique due to its diverse growing conditions, strict quality standards, focus on freshness, innovative techniques, diverse olive varieties, sustainability practices, artisanal production, international recognition, local terroir, and its prominent place in the region’s culinary culture. These factors combine to make California olive oil a distinctive and sought-after product

How does Cobram Estate produce their extra virgin olive oil, from the harvesting of olives to the final bottling?

At Cobram Estate the process begins with the careful harvesting of olives using Colossus and Optimus,our state-of-art harvesters . Olives are then transported to our milling facility in less than 6 hours.  At the processing facility, the olives are cleaned and sorted to remove any mummies-older olives and other debris. The olives are then crushed, using a mechanical press the olive paste is extracted and sent to the mhalaxer to further break down. Finally, the olive paste undergoes a separation process to separate the oil from the solids and water. The extracted oil is the moved and stored in tanks, topped with a nitrogen cap to deter oxidation and to allow the remaining water and sediment to settle out. Testing will then occur to evaluate the quality of every tank. Once the oil has been tested, bottling will begin only as needed to ensure the quality and flavor remains intact. Each bottle capped again with a nitrogen top to ensure only the freshest, healthiest award-winning oil make it to shelf and to your kitchen.

What are the different olive varieties used at Cobram Estate, and how do they influence flavor and quality?

Because of our California location, we able to plant a wide variety of unique olives  not typically seen on the on the west coast including Picual, Coratina, Koroneiki, Picudo and Arbequina. More robust flavors tend to stem from Coratina and Picual olives which have higher polyphenol levels, essentially giving stronger flavors profiles. These profiles  can also be achieved with earlier harvesting  More stable tasting notes are then achieved with finding the perfect balance with with our remaining variates.